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Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is the sixth largest in the United States, and is, in fact, sometimes referred to as the Sixth Great Lake. With as large an assortment of freshwater fish as any lake in the world, Lake Champlain is one of the country's top fishing spots. Landlocked Atlantic salmon, lake trout, northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, channel catfish, perch, crappie and other panfish- the list goes on, and the fishing for all of them is tops!

Lake Champlain starts in Whitehall, NY and flows north for 112 miles to become the Richelieu River in southern Quebec. The Vermont-New York state lines runs north-south through the lake, the political boundary being the deep water channel in the middle.

The total surface area of Lake Champlain is 435 square miles, of which 270 square miles are in Vermont, 150 in New York, and 15 of the northern-most are in Quebec, Canada. Much of the lake is narrow, the maximum width being about 12 miles between Burlington, VT and Port Kent, NY. The maximum depth of the lake is slightly more than 400 feet. It is bordered on the east by Vermont's Green Mountains and on the west by New York State's Adirondacks.